Just played the Sti2 irons and they trash. Putting these Cobras back in the bag since a bad hit with these was better then a good hit with the Sti2.
Selling due to my swing being so bad I can't justify wasting nice clubs like this.
I love the way they look and feel when I hit them well, but that doesn't happen to often. I need to work on my swing with more forgiving clubs. So going back to the Maltby Sti2's I built with One Length shafts for now until I fix my swing.
Forgive my bluntness but the Sti2 were not designed for single length. Different lies, different weights, different ball position.
If you're looking for forgiveness you'd have been better off with the Radspeed or similar older models
The forged tec are very attractive but suited for the better player IMHO.
Just my0.02
Good luck