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    1 Iron john8888 is on a distinguished road
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    Modern Golf will be opening in Ottawa this year ... that may add another great option ...

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    Pitching Wedge jermart is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by 613golfer View Post
    So in terms of fitters, I am seeing:

    Kevin Haime
    19th Tee
    Canadian (?)

    It seems like slim pickings currently in Ottawa..

    Worth the drive to Toronto for TXG? Anyone here experience them?
    I used TXG in 2020 for an iron fitting.
    They were great, and it did not take long to narrow down the shaft options optimal for me. I ended up getting Mizuno 919 hot metals with Modus3 120 shaft. They even looked into my hybrids to see what improvement could be had there. With their experience they can get to 4 or 5 shafts that will work. I got the same price that GT was charging for the clubs. Not sure what shaft the Mizuno's come with as standard, and suspect it is the Modus as there was no upcharge. They will ask you what you're looking to spend so you're not wasting time at costly upgrades. No pressure in purchasing there and you're provided with an online spec sheet and a display of all your shots. I'd highly recommend them, as they are thorough, but make certain you're in game shape as there is a lot of hitting.

    Having said that, just before driving to TO to get fit, I booked a session at Kanata GT to see what they would recommend. Dean, not sure if he is still there, did the fitting. The Titleist T200's was the rec, but don't recall the shaft.

    A couple of months after getting the Mizuno's I booked a bay at GT to compare my clubs to the T200's. I just hit the Titleist they had there, again no recall on the shaft that was in the club. The numbers for both were quite similar, so is it worth a trip down south? That's each individuals call. Maybe it's just me that gets, similar results.

    TXG is more thorough though, so that may be more beneficial for some. Keep in mind that Modern Golf, is opening in Ottawa this year, with no indicated date yet, on their website. TXG also plans to expand after amalgamating with Club Champion. No dates on that yet.

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    I've been looking to try a set of Haywood CB irons and TXG has some in Toronto. I have never been properly fitted for my irons and am playing 2007 Callaway X-Forged with Project 6.0s

    Anyone have experience with Haywoods or know what similar clubs I could try for a close comparison?

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