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    Birdieball Putting Green

    Are you thoroughly disgusted that all of the putting greens are closed for the season, just when you think you have developed that perfect putting stroke? Can’t show anyone how you can consistently drop those 3 foot and 10 foot putts?

    Santa – are you listening? Here is your chance to own 2 of the top indoor putting greens made in the USA, created by birdieball. The smaller surface measures 70” by 48” (5.8 feet by 4 feet), ideal fine tuning those short ones. You know, the ones that look so easy that you miss when the match is on the line. The longer surface measures 155” by 48”,(12.9 feet by 4 feet), so with dedicated practice you’ll be sinking those putts, your playing partners will be amazed. The stimpmeter speed for both is 10-11.

    Included are 3 drop-in cups with extraction flags and green hole fillers when you want to closeup 1 or more of the 2 holes on the longer mat. You are also getting 2 rubber bumpers that you can slide onto the end of your carpet green to stop balls rolling off should you miss. Your bonus items are 2 strips of carpet green that you can add underneath at any spot you want to create breaks on the surface and a hole reducer insert to make the hole smaller and tougher.

    When taking it out of the box it will lay flat. (More info can be found on This package originally sold for US$228 (CDN$291). It can be under your Christmas tree for only $100, no tax, no shipping fees). And in the new year, those in your bubble will be over for a beer and a little competition.

    (P.S. Don’t wear shoes while standing on your green, you don’t want any pitch marks. Photo available shows the short carpet in action.)

    Contact and pick-up: Michael Bowser, 7 Royalty Way, Kemptville 613-722-3279

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    Gap Wedge Michaelb235 is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2007

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