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    Quote Originally Posted by em69 View Post
    Who is booking a tee-time this week? Curious to hear some honest reviews.
    I'm going to play early next week and will post my thoughts.
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    So I got around to playing it this afternoon. I played from the Blues, there was a decent wind and lots of sun. There were only about 20 cars in the lot and I didn't book a time, I just walked on and played solo with no wait. I played at my own speed, hit a few extra balls and putts and wasn't rushed and a single in a cart ahead of me and long gone. $40 +tax for the 9 holes and another $30 if I wanted a repeat.

    Course tour here

    My thoughts:

    10 - The drive is more or less the same as before, however the second shot is way easier, almost too easy in fact as the fairway is massively wide as you approach the green and the big pond on the left is gone. While I wasn't crazy about the original green, they've almost done the opposite in terms of making this approach super easy and quite boring. There is a bit of a false front to the green but other than that, fire away.

    11 - no change

    12 - They reworked some of the trouble on the right so the blind pond is no longer there and just a couple of more bunkers. Fairway is pretty wide seeing as most will hit a hybrid or 3 wood off the tee. You can hit driver if you like. The green, like on 10 was somewhat boring and another easy approach. The effectively shortened the hole and realigned the green.

    13 - This is the new par 3. It has a 2 tiered green with the pin on the second tier. Small bunker on the left and pond on the right. Not an overly difficult or overly creative though the tier ads to the design. I think I hit PW from the blues and a lower tier pin would make this hole pretty easy.

    14 - This is the old 13, the driveable par 4. It's been lengthened, 316 from the blues so for me a 3 wood or hybrid to put it in play. The green is still elevated, with a steep bunker on the left. The green is about 3x the size of the old one, so quite hard to miss on your approach (though I managed to LOL). Somewhat boring, uninventive green.

    15 - This is the old 14 with the tee shot over the water, once a par 4, now a par 5. That hasn't changed, it's the second shot that has, since the old green is gone, and they've extended the fairway towards where old 15 par 3 tee was. The green is about where the old 15 green was and the gully is still there (though you can't see it from your 2nd shot, but you can see the rocks that line the bridge so be warned), so it's pretty much a layup past the 150 (there's about 30 yds past it) though hitting it longer really doesn't put you that much closer to the green. Another ho-hum green with a couple of bunkers on the right.

    16 - no change

    17 - no change

    18 - The tee shot has not changed, pond on the right and further on the left, another pond which runs up on the left to the green but really doesn't come into play. The changes were made around the green and they removed that bunker in the middle of the fairway. So it is reachable in two with a good drive (though the wind was in my face today). The green is much like the previous newly created ones, flatish and boring. There is a bunker on the right and left and nothing in the front making it very accessible with a 3 wood or hybrid. The old green was quite difficult to hit with a long club as it was elevated and other than the opening on the right, very tough to keep the ball on the green in two. So this is an improvement in some ways, but also, again, just kind of boring.

    A few notes:

    The greens rolled very nice and are in great shape, though the newer ones a firmer than the others.

    All of the new greens are basically squared circles, with little originality when it comes to shape or contours, unlike most of the rest of the old greens, though one could argue that some of those were not the best but they all had character, more break and made you think. The new ones are relatively big and should be easy to hit with not many options to tuck a pin but in the end a lot of them felt the same. To be honest it seems like there was little thought put into most of them, that they don't see to fit the course in some ways and they make that nine feel a lot easier than before.

    The new tee boxes were in great shape, as were the fairways, other than a few spots that are still growing.

    The bunkers were excellent, the sand was nice and fluffy (but not too much) and they were consistent and easy to get out of. The old bunkers were always a struggle to maintain it seemed.

    Cart path only today as well (though I walked).

    So there you have it. Overall, I was a little underwhelmed with a number of the changes. Yes, it's hard to get past some of the old things I liked about the course that are no longer there, and maybe it will take a few rounds and some maturing of the course to get a better feel and I will reassess next time I play but these are my thoughts as of today for the record.

    I was told in the pro shop that the front 9 won't open until next spring due to a couple of delays.
    I got a fever. And the only prescription is more golf equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffc View Post
    So I got around to playing it this afternoon.
    Thank you for this fine assessment Jeff...

    I always liked Stonebridge, challenging and like what I imagine a PGA course played like before I saw and played one. I am sure all of us are fearful of changes to it that might neuter the course, but with your perspectives, perhaps not.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to write this. It's much appreciated.

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    Played Stonebridge this morning and i agree with Jeffc’s comments. The new greens are so boring and very slow today. Definitely less challenging than before. The course is in great shape overall.
    There is no practice green yet. The old practice green looks to be another short par 3 hole in the future. I believe you can use the indoor simulator to warm up.

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    Full course tour now up on their site.

    It looks like the new greens on the front, from 5-9 have zero imagination/shape as well.
    I got a fever. And the only prescription is more golf equipment.

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