As some of you may know Les Mcbride of Maxxfit golf, longtime OG'er is fighting a valiant battle with cancer. He has decided to sell all of his inventory of clubs, shafts, grips, tools that he has been using as a master fitter/clubmaker.

He has asked me to help broker the sale. I will be providing a full list of his inventory but a short list of the equipment follows:

Maltby Frequency Analyser : $400
GolfGauge Bending machine plus stand: $400
Golf Club gauge (lie/loft): $125
42" belt sander and ferrule turning arm: $75
Shafts: hundreds new and pulled
Grips: new and used
Heads: lots of wishon heads

Proceeds of the sale will go entirely to Les's wife and son who is promising junior golfer so please be courteous in your offers.

Please PM me rather than add too many replies to this thread, I will respond quickly to any of your questions.

Thanks Luc.