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Thread: Opti-shot

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    Par gwil is on a distinguished road
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    Looking for feedback on how realistic this simulator is. I have a net in my garage with a SC300 monitor currently for winter practice. Was thinking it might be fun to add this for a gaming element.

    Does anyone know if the distances are close to accurate?


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    Lob Wedge greenstreak is on a distinguished road
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    I have used the optishot going on 10 years in my garage. If you set it up properly it is a great starter sim. Very fun for playing with friends. I found the irons very accurate. Driver and woods can have issues with reading but I found taping the bottom with masking tape made them alot better. The distance is a little longer than on course distance but it is easy to adjust them to get your correct yardage. Lighting is key along with a good set up for the swing pad. I just purchased a Mevo plus for this year but Optishot still offers somethings that the mevo doesn't.

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