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    Plus 4 grips - Your experience to date?

    Who has tried any Golf Pride "Plus 4" grip?

    Why did you try it?

    What were your results?
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    I have always added extra wraps under my bottom hand. I find it helps keep my grip from weakening and I find keeps me squeezing the grip too tightly. Plus 4 grips are on both sets of my irons and hybrids.

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    For the last couple of years I was adding wrap sunder my right hand and liked the feeling. Some grips I just went to the mid sized as I choked down 1/2" anyway, so didn't get the full size of the end in my hands.

    This year I picked up a pile and have them on most clubs (still have Z cords on irons) and enjoy it. Would like a little more grip/tack from them, but size seems fine and helps me drop my grip pressure a bit which has heled with release and better impact.

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