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    Swing Aid Advice

    Looking for a good swing aid. I have been looking at something similar to the issue seems to be that I am not setting my wrists soon enough causing a bent leading arm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by em69 View Post
    Looking for a good swing aid. I have been looking at something similar to the issue seems to be that I am not setting my wrists soon enough causing a bent leading arm.
    Is it possible that your bent left arm is a result of your lead shoulder not turning enough? We are often anxious to get back to the ball so we don't complete turning our torso but the arms continue moving back resulting in the lead arm bending.

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    I purchased a contraption years ago put out by David Leadbetter called "The Right Angle". You wear it on your trailing arm. This thing hinges 90* at the elbow on the back swing thus making it impossible to collapse the lead arm forcing you to turn your shoulders.

    Basically the same concept BC was referring to.

    Very effective

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    The things I like to see in a backswing are very difficult to achieve for multiple reasons, the biggest being flexibility. Thatís why having a perfectly straight left arm at the top of your backswing is great, but sometimes is unrealistic, and not always necessary.
    Heck, Curtis Strange won back-to-back U.S. Openís with a bent left arm!

    Just because you canít make a full turn with a straight left arm doesnít mean you cannot create width in your swing, which is why we wanted a straight left arm in the first place. So forget about the left arm

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    I have the Swingrite .... great for developing lag and clubhead speed. Its been around since 1960 ....its proven and not a gimmick. You can buy it through Artisan Golf ....

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    I have a weighted club and attached some washers to the shaft with a small key ring which allows it to slide up and down the shaft as i load to the top and then swing through to the finish. The sound of the washers hitting the bottom of the shaft let's me know where my speed is the fastest, same principle as many training aids. The heavy club makes it easy to work on tempo as well since you have to go slower to the top to allow the washers to set against the handle t the top of the swing.

    I find this to be quite good and now my washers click at just after impact.
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    Many golfers have a bent left arm and even some golf touring professionals such as Lee Westwood. I wonder who told you what your issue was.

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