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    Don't take this these times we all need a laugh! this is a joke.

    How do you practice social distancing on a golf course?

    Righty's only invite your left handed golfing buddy for a round of golf.

    Search for only your ball off the tee. (even if it is in the rough )

    Do not share a power cart....Walk (the odds are you will be on opposites sides of the fairway anyway!)

    Only meet at the green, but always remember to stay a 5 iron length distance from each other..not a putter length, unless its a "belly or chest" non anchoring putter!

    ..Remember twosomes only!

    ..No High 5's on the green.

    .. No signing your buddies score card.

    ..and the loser "DOES NOT" have to by a beer at the end of the round! (chances are he never paid before anyway..the old IOU story!)

    P.S. If you think you might forget and lift out the flag..wear two gloves!
    P.P.S. Don't buy those recycled "Experienced" golf balls at the pro never know who handled them!..
    P.P.P.S Do not forget your ball least you know those water balls have been rinsed before handling!
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