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    New sim build - lower level basement dig

    Good Afternoon All!.

    What a great place for info and ideas. I am in the process of finishing up a home build golf sim. I just finished the basement dig out - what a project, but it will be well worth it. I have been very attracted to the Uneekor system and talked with Doug @ Uneekor, which only furthered my attraction to this company.

    I am having some issues on the screen size. If I want the image to go all the way to the floor, the space I have available for a screen is 144" wide x 101" high with 4:3 ratio.

    If I go with the wider option - 176" x 93" 16:9, then my image would need to be 6" from the floor due to the dig out.

    I plan to add padding (edge of room) and figured the screen would then cover this area, but the image would start 6" up.

    I attached a photo which hopefully explains where the 6" rise would occur.

    Thank you ALL in advance for your help,
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