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    Got Scammed for GC2 (serial A3041)....PLEASE PIN THIS...

    Well I got scammed by a low life from another Golf Simulator site but I wanted to share this on this site so no one else gets scammed.

    He claimed his name is Lohann Tuttle
    Cell is 614-922-8813 (spoke to him many times on the phone)
    Email is
    He claims his address was:

    Was asking $4500 for a GC2 (serial # A3041). Attached are the pics he used.
    I was new to this board and was looking for something in a hurry right before Christmas for my I did not know to ask to see his name next to each picture.
    He knew everything about the GC2 and the software, etc. and seemed very legit. His price was $4,500 "OBO" (right in line with others)....I agreed to $4,000

    He claimed to be a "Proud Dad" and he would never scam anyone, bla, bla, bla.
    Spoke to him many times over the phone. After the money was sent, then the excuses started to come.
    1) Too late in the day to ship the unit out (but guaranteed before Christmas)
    2) Claimed he had to rush his wife to the hospital and been there all day
    3) Then next day claimed his wife died (I asked to send me the hospital / name / room number) and I would send flowers so I can provide this was a scam
    4) Then his secretary was going to ship on Monday
    5) Then his secretary sent it to the wrong address and he was going to have to pay $1000 to get it retrieved (and he only had $300)....yet took my $4000 no problem.

    Just want to make sure no one gets scammed from him again....and if you see these pics floating around or this serial number A3041

    By the way, here is his bank information he used...
    Bank Name: PNC bank
    Acct. Name: Ann Tuttle
    Acct. Number: 4162529837
    Routing No: 041000124

    Just hope no one else gets scammed.

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    Did you use Paypal?

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