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    Sand Wedge jackbeau is on a distinguished road
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    What should i buy?

    I wish to play courses that I created in The Golf Club 2019 with my friends in the garage. I had a P3Proswing but they went out of business. What should I buy?
    So far Skytrak seems good choice...

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    Sorry about the late response. I have not been on this forum for a while. As you know I had a P3proswing as well. It worked well for me, but ended up going with a ES-16 to get better ball data. That of course turned out to be a mistake mainly due to poor or sometimes average strikes being poorly read. The horizontal launch angles were often off by as much as 4 to 6 degrees as well.

    I tried a Skytrak for a month and I thought it was fairly good. The horizontal launch angle was off a couple of degrees fairly often, but I do not see that as a major issue. Low launch angle shots were off by several percent for distance. Still, overall quite good and for the price tough to beat. No measured club data of course.

    I bought a Protee setup from an individual. As it turns out he never used it, so it was new, but as luck would have it it developed issues and had to be repaired. It now passes all of the Protee tests. Compared to the P3proswing, the club data is similar except for the ball face strike location. The P3proswing was far better. Don't have to tape clubs though. I added a horizontal camera to the setup and have to say that was a big improvement. Ball flight is good, although club spin rates are a bit off and therefore club distances needed to be adjust by a small percentage. Whatever you choose good luck.
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