July 2016, life for Brett Seabrook changed forever; sadly he was diagnosed with Stage IV esophagus Cancer. Not only did his life change but the lives of his family and friends also changed forever. Brett, at the age of 54 lost his fight with Cancer on Monday September 4th 2017. Brett very much appreciated the effort everyone contributed to his personal battle with Cancer. He was truly overwhelmed with outpouring of support during his fight. Brett didn’t have time to “ Pay it Forward” but it was something he wanted to do!

Brett’s Doctor at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Jonker worked tirelessly tweaking and modifying his treatments to allow Brett to live longer. Brett was originally given 6 to 8 months and Brett’s life continued for 13 months. The Ottawa Hospital treats the vast majority of all cancer cases in our region and is prepared to deal with the toughest cases. In the next few years researchers at The Ottawa Hospital will undertake some of the most important clinical trials in the history of the collective battle with cancer. They will also conduct groundbreaking genetic research to map the pathways of certain cancers and develop personalized therapies, like those which benefitted Brett. So in Brett’s honor we are going to help raise some much need funds for cancer research and care at The Ottawa Hospital and Dr Jonkers and his team.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, time is critical. Every minute counts, and the wait for surgery, for treatment, for life to get back to normal can seem agonizing. Time is critical in the world of cancer research, too. Every day, scientists are working on new and better therapies. The sooner these therapies can be delivered to patients, the better their chances for recovery. There seems to be so many people in our community affected by Cancer and we are thrilled to be supporting the fight to find a cure for this terrible disease!

We are reaching out to you for help!! We have raised $37,000 to date for Dr Jonker's and his team and would like you to consider helping us to raise even more this year. There are so many ways you can help out; enjoy a day on the links with friends then we will feast on a fantastic meal and hear the good news about the battle against this terrible disease. If you have more capacity that just golfing please consider being a sponsor or providing an auction donation, every little bit helps.

For more information visit https://canadiangolfclub.com/collect...o-fight-cancer