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    Lob Wedge sulliman is on a distinguished road
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    West End - Lessons

    Finally considering taking some lessons to improve my game. I'm about an 18 handicap. Thinking of the Kevin Haime Centre. Just wondering if the group lessons are as effective as personal ones. They offer a group lesson that covers most aspects of the game, full swing, short game and putting. If personal, is getting instruction from Kevin versus the staff worth the extra money. Any insight or experience at the Centre would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance

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    8 Iron Bodey is on a distinguished road
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    I did the "play better golf" classes last year from Kevin Haime and enjoyed it. There was always Kevin and 1 of their pros for each of the 4 days and their message was always on the same page. Large variety of skills at the course - from someone who shoots low 80s (not me) to players who barely have played before. You get video almost every day. You have to be ready to receive instruction - they're pretty adamant what a swing should look like.

    I think it helped consistency with my game last year, maybe didn't shave many strokes off, but helped me avoid blowups.

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    The most important thing to consider when one ready to pursue golf lessons is if you and and the instructor have some chemistry. They are all very good but if you don’t make a connection with the one you choose via geographical location and reviews from other golfers you are wasting your money.

    Make a list of the pros near you,go and interview them then make your decision. It’s like choosing a new driver. Do you go on someone else’ s recommendation or do you go and get properly fitted for what suits you ?

    There are several to choose from in the west end of the city. Just off the top of my head you have Greg Foley, Joe Dubinsky, Dan Kolar,Derek McDonald, Danielle Nadon just to name a few.

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    Lob Wedge sulliman is on a distinguished road
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    Thanks for the insight.

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