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Thread: Need a 2 Iron

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    Lob Wedge bigdraws is on a distinguished road
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    Need a 2 Iron

    Please let me know if anyone has a right handed 2 iron laying around. Even just the head as I have a shaft I can put it in.

    Thanks in advance

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    Must be Single 1972Apex is on a distinguished road 1972Apex's Avatar
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    I just took a look around and darned if I don`t have a pretty nice Ben Hogan Edge 2 iron sitting in a Hogan club rack I got from Chuck Brown`s when they closed. Apex 4 stiff shaft and a nice grip on it too. It may not be what you are looking for, but it IS right handed .
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    Bogie gregnol is on a distinguished road gregnol's Avatar
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    I have a Golfsmith pro forged 2 iron head. Basically brand new. It's an old school butter knife
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    Habitual poster downhillslider is on a distinguished road
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    I have a Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged 2i basically new

    A butter knife with some forgiveness

    I paid $20 for this on the forum. Looking to break even.

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    Arrow shooter Chieflongtee is on a distinguished road Chieflongtee's Avatar
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    You didn't say if you want it for off the deck or off the tee. I have an old Dunlop True Tech driving iron. Loft is 15 degrees.

    $10 firm
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    Bogie slamdedam is on a distinguished road
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    I have a Nike blade 2 iron head only. Mint and rare. Pm me and make me an offer.

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    Moderator Big Johnny69 is on a distinguished road Big Johnny69's Avatar
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    I have a DCI 962 with stock stiff graphite shaft. $20
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    6 Iron trevster99 is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Johnny69 View Post
    I have a DCI 962 with stock stiff graphite shaft. $20

    Don't know if anyone is still looking but I have a fourteen hi660 2 driving iron. Very easy to hit and long. I paid 90$ for it on here last year. I got a new srixon driving iron for my birthday so it's no longer needed. GREAT CLUB. like anything I sell you are welcome to hit it and see it at Kevin Haime before buying.

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