As many of you may know, I was the Operations Manager at Sports Vision Technology, maker of the P3ProSwing.

On 1/3/2019, we had a meeting where the owner announced he was closing the company on 1/25/2019 for good. He did not want any notification to the customer until it was announced there. There was to be announcement on the website on that date. However, we had a $6500 order awaiting shipment. He decided to ship that order without notifying the customer of the closing announcement. Thus, after consulting his lawyer, realized that it would not be in his best interest to fully close until it was at least 30 Days after that order shipped. Thus, P3 still has phone lines active. They have no units to sell, no grass tops to install and no one capable of Technical Support. They have moved the prior Sales Manager to their sister company and he is replying to any voice messages/email messages that he chooses to answer.

So there will be no future tournaments setup, software fixes or real support. The company is basically only open to prevent any lawsuit against the owner.

Best of luck with your P3. It will always work as it did on the last day of the company.