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Thread: Winter Lessons

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    Shotmaker Johnyc is on a distinguished road
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    Winter Lessons

    Thoughts on winter lessons? Anyone doing the super dome with Haime or his staff? Would like to get 5-8 lessons between now and March. Just wondering what others are doing and what the feedback is like. I like in Manotick so something in the area would be more convenient then having to travel to Orleans. On an aside I did the indoor at falcon ridge and thought it was decent. Not sure how accurate the readings are but it was nice to swing the club.

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    3 Wood THUNDAH is on a distinguished road
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    Try the AOC winter golf school.
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    Golf Guru justsomeguy is on a distinguished road
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    around here
    I have done winter lessons in the past. I did some at the dome a long time ago when Warren Grant (RIP) was teaching there. Good place to learn as you get to see enough ball flight to notice a change, but as with all lessons it ultimately depends on the quality of the instructor (Warren was excellent). I've never taken lessons with Kevin Haime but I'm considering it.

    I have also done lessons on simulators. Most simulators (including the ones at Falcon Ridge) are set up for entertainment and fun and give you only minimal data that is of limited use as a teaching tool. You might as well be hitting into a net, but then again the right teacher can still help improve your swing when you're hitting into a net. I've never been to the OAC winter golf school (which is basically hitting into nets), but I've taken lessons with Colin Orr in the summer and they have been very good.

    There are also simulators like the TrackMan system that actually give you a lot of useful data. Once again, if you can combine that with the right instructor than it can be very worthwhile. The "swing results" are not necessarily more realistic than any other simulator, but at least you get better swing path, face angle, swing speed, spin rate etc data that can help you determine if you are really striking the ball better.

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    Shotmaker Johnyc is on a distinguished road
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    Thank you for the feedback. I will look into Artisan golf. I believe they have a trackman which would be very helpful in partnership with the lesson

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