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    Simulator for LH/RH w/o mat sensor

    Long time reader first time poster here on ottawagolf and golfsimulator forum. Looking at building a simulator in my garage. Its a 2 car 22' x 26' x 12' walls. Still use it as a garage so I am going to build a bit of sub floor that i can fold up against the wall and take up minimal space. So I can go decent size for hitting area and screen. All of those details I have pretty much decided on minus some small things.

    I am still deciding what simulator to use. Deciding factors are:
    1. LH/RH play, probably 50/50 among friends
    2. Completely against a mat sensor system for a number of reasons
    3. Budget - pretty variable, rather not buy a 20k LM but if there is no other option
    4. Software - I am not impartial to E6, TGC, JNPG (really like JNPG)
    5. I've mostly just done research on the LM's like Skytrak, GC2, Flightscope, TM
    6. Accuracy is of high importance obviously.
    I am a golf geek and will be doing range work on my own and simulation is a get together with the boys type of operation.

    My thoughts, I like the idea of GC2 in terms of price/accuracy and as of now, there is workarounds to get basically whatever you would like for software. Don't like the thought of moving it back and forth. Maybe some type of homemade track or alignment pins in the turf to get the GC2 in the same spot and easily. Still pondering all of this. I maybe have the room for the "lazy susan" idea.
    I like the Flightscope/TM systems. If i had a LM I would definitely spend time in the summer on the range with it. TM bought PP so JNPG would be good. Am I just talking myself into saying I need a Trackman and that's the end of that haha.
    Don't like that there is no putting or short chips on Flightscope. Is it a deal breaker.. probably not for me. I heard there was a beta for JNPG for Flightscope systems don't know if it still exists or where that stands. E6 is ok the local simulator runs it. The chips and putting among friends is probably not the biggest deal, except when there is money on the line then it is the biggest dea hahal. Maybe I get an Xi+ and resell it if need be. Or get a GC2 and figure out a way to play RH/LH easier. I am not sure. Or is there another system thats affordable I should consider? Keeping in mind the TM is basically out of budget unless I got one used and saved an extra year.

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    If RH/LH is a must I would say go with the flightscope or trackman and look up JNPG/OGT for more info there are some guys using both of them on OGT online tour. If RH/LH is not a problem then I would say GC2 with JNPG/OGT all the way you can get a CPO for $5400

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    If you go with radar based, just make sure your distance to the screen is adequate. Can't go wrong with GC2. I would suggest it is more accurate than radar indoors but that is a debate.

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    If you can stand to wait a bit, why not check out either Uneekor or Optishot Vision. Both are ceiling mounted photometric units. There's not enough evidence out there to suggest they're anywhere near the accuracy of GC2. But at the very least, they should impact the GC2 resale market in the near future. Both systems have recent you tube videos from the PGA show.

    Also, IMHO radar based units indoors aren't as accurate as outdoors. Keep that in mind, depending on how large your space is.

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    TruGolf is one I’d recommend looking at if LH and RH is a big selling point for you. Their units are ready to go with either hitter, and there is no moving a launch monitor around. Chips and putts are fairly accurate.

    You can find the Vista 8 for less than $11,000 and the Vista 12 for about $19,000 (

    I like the fact that after you set up a player profile it tracks your data, so you can look back months and see how you’ve improved and where you can improve more.

    The 4K HD graphics are pretty realistic looking. TruGolf units allow for up to 8 players to play at a time. The data that the system tracks is accurate and detailed so you can really dial in the perfect swing.

    GC2 with HMT and FSX software is another great way to go. The launch monitor itself costs $5,400 and from there the price goes up depending on what features and software you add to it. It is one of the most accurate launch monitors on the market today.

    SkyTrak is an affordable option (around $7,000 for a full golf simulator package). SkyTrak is pretty accurate. I’ve seen it that it claims to be 98% accurate compared to the Trackman. One downside to it is that there’s a 4 second delay from when the ball is hit to when it shows up on the screen.

    Both the SkyTrax and GC2 need to be moved each time for LH and RH to be able to play off of. They’re not heavy to move, it’s just a slight pain.

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    2 GC2’s are cheaper than 1 Trackman. One for left and one for right

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    20190224_113818 smaller.jpg

    I have a setup in my garage with a Flightscope Xi+. There are several people selling them, even X2's for great prices.

    The thing to consider is where are they going with the tech. There are rumblings of potential putter integration, however, how is the big question.

    I recently posted my net return for sale. I used it for my sim build. I am looking to offload it and upgrade. You can see it in the classified section. I mention this because then you can see my set up. **edit, I just included the picture

    I really like my build. I recently purchased e6 software from someone, and just getting that set up. I've had buddies over. I'm LH and he's a righty. It worked very well.

    Let me know if you have any questions
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