Does anyone have experience using 3 monitors with one computer using NIVIDIA cards.

Think I am going to use a GTX 1080 card for FSX software from foresight.

I have 3 monitors. Not sure if the cards power more than one monitor or I need a card for each.

I have the computer monitor which is in a different room.

I have the projector in the hitting bay for the second. And I have a touch screen in the hitting bay for the third.

I may go up to 4k for the projector but at least 1080p. The monitor on the computer could be 1080p along with the touch screen. I will have video integrated in so its not just the simulator screens being displayed but video also.

I am curious if anyone else has done this. Do I need a separate card for each monitor. Or can I have multiple monitors off a single card. If multiple off a single card do you have issues of it driving 4k on multiple displays and the quality goes down?