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    Help with Decision

    Looking for some advice...

    I currently have a Driver, 3 wood, 4i, 5i, etc.
    I am looking for something to fill the gap between the 4i and 3 Wood. Wondering if I should get a 5 Wood or perhaps a 3 Hybrid.

    I am leaning more towards the Hybrid as I believe it gives me a few more playable options.

    All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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    Like you suggested, you'll probably find the 3H more useful.
    Not fat anymore. Need to get better at golf now!

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    I use a 7-wood to fill the gap between 3-wood and 4-iron. It gives a higher trajectory than a hybrid, and it is still good to hit out of the rough.

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    I carry a 7 wood also and love the ease of hitting from any type of lie .
    I haven't found a good 3 hybrid that i would carry as an equivalent yet , and although my 4 hybrid is fine to hit it can be quite temperamental out of the rough

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    Another vote for the 7 wood to fill that gap. I simply adore my 27 and 24* hybrids to transition form my 6i. I should point out that the Wishon hybrids I use have a .335 hosel and not .370 like most other hybrids. This allows for more options on tip flexibility and will promote a higher trajectory. I have a 21* hybrid but much prefer the 7 wood option.

    A lot of people simply can't hit hybrids so a 9w/7w option usually fits the requirements.
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