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    Clublink - Greyhawk Questions


    I'm fairly new to the Ottawa area, played a lot at public courses this summer, and am ready to take the plunge with a membership next season. I'm interested in joining Clublink, and Greyhawk is the best option for me in terms of convenience (and price).

    Any members of Greyhawk here with any opinions to share? On the course, practice facilities, or anything else.

    Specifically: How busy are the course(s) generally? Is it difficult to get a tee time or get out as a single? I most consistently play on weeknights (4-5pm) and then weekends are flexible.

    Any comments are welcome, from Greyhawk or other Clublink members, trying to be as well informed as I can before making my decision. Thanks!

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    I'm a Clublink member, just not Greyhawk so can't speak to it directly. Know lots of guys who are members there and they like it. 36 holes to choose from makes it easy to get on as a single around 4-5 in the pm I'd guess. Clublink is good for it's reciprocal play advantages. Muskokas, Tremblant, Toronto, Florida. It's a little late in the season but Clublink offered a free membership for 2018 back in Aug. for the rest of the year when you sign up for next year. They do that promo every year. This time of year I'd recommend just popping in and talking to the staff. Let them know you're thinking of joining and they'll probably throw you a free round.

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