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    Putter Gord222 is on a distinguished road
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    Quality Launch Monitor

    Looking for a good monitor that measures ball data as well as club data. Will consider Flightscope, Trackman, GC2, etc. Not interested in units that calculate most of the information.
    Will pay a fair price for properly working unit.

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    Playing Winter Rules calleygolf is on a distinguished road
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    There’s someone selling full swing golf sims on Kijiji I just saw

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    Need a Caddy TheGolfer is on a distinguished road
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    I am selling a GC2 with the HMT attachment. Best indoor LM you can get. Very accurate. Measures both ball data and club data. Also comes with quality course if you want to use with simulator. I do have a very high end gaming computer that is optional but it will make your life easy to buy one package that requires no install and works. PM me. Computer is I7 3.4hgz overlocked to 4.5ghz, 16g memory, SSD drive, two video cards.

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