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    Single Length Iron Review

    With one range session, and one round in, I'd figure I'd do a quick initial review of single length irons.

    My set is the branded, In1Zone. Lesser known than Wishons, Pinhawks and Cobras, but a nice set, all around.

    Set make up is 5-PW, AW and SW with FST 115 r-flex, Lamkin oversize grips, made to 37".

    I like the look, not too game improvement but not blade-like. Having all clubs feel the same is great. No need to change ball position or stance width. Takes a little getting used to, seeing a flatter faced iron at such a short length. And seeing all the clubs at the same height in the golf bag, is a little odd.

    To the good stuff: not being able to play and practice as much as I'd like, I decided to go this route to simplify my game. I think these will deliver. Ever since I started playing, 7 iron has been my favourite club, so I already had confidence before the first swing.

    Ballflight: most have said the longer irons fly lower than traditional sets. I didn't find this. I found all the clubs seemed to have the same ballflight, just the longer irons hit the apex farther away than the shorter irons.

    Distance: I found I have lost a bit of distance with the long irons and have gained with the shorter irons. I used to have a 8-10yard gap between clubs, now its more of a 5-8yard gap. No biggie, with more practice, maybe yardages will get back to what I'm used to.

    Direction: I don't feel these have any correctional technology built into them....but I'll say this; I find my ball closer to the green more often. The shorter lengths allow for more control during the swing, resulting in more near-centre contact hits, better dispersion. I have only hit 2 thin shots, 2 fat shots. I know this as they have been so rare, I take notice when they happen. Otherwise, I've had a few push and pull shots, but nothing drastic where I've been extremely far from my target. In this regard, these are a great success.

    To date, I am very pleased. If I can somehow manage to play a bit more regularly, I can see these really helping my game.

    I'll report again later in the season.

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    I put the Wishon Stirlings 5 and 6 in the bag for some of the same reasons you mentioned. After adjusting the lofts they are now "no fear " clubs. I never hit a 5i that high and that well in my life!

    These definitely have directional control features and a real solid feel and sound at impact due to the High C O R face on the longer irons.

    The 7i and 8i will be appearing in the bag in the not to distant future.

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