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    JagmanJoe / P3ProSwing

    I just installed a jagmanjoe top on my P3Pro and i'm having some issues with heights / sensor readings.

    basically, with "turf top" and "assume turf contact" selected, I need to set my grass height to 0" to get middle face strikes with my irons off the turf. i would think that the grass height setting would have to grow being that the jagmanjoe top is so much thicker than the original. i have not gotten teed drivers to work yet. any input from users of this top?

    next..... my attack angle sensors are not working with this top. i get all 0 degree readings no matter what settings / heights i use. P3Pro support has been very responsive, but... telling me that they are very familiar with that top and that it is so tall it blocks the attack angle sensors. i'm told that those particular sensors do not shoot vertically like the others, but are actually on a slight skew or angle (thus being blocked by the taller top). i know they are trying to sell me their turf top + installation charges, but the logic does make sense if those 2 sensors are indeed angled.

    anyone have a jagmanjoe top on their P3Pro and have everything working properly? settings would be greatly appreciated for grass height, tee height, sweet spot penalties, etc.

    i used to have the crappy "stock" turf top, but i burned through that rather quickly. i really like the quality of the jagmanjoe and the ease of replacement, but i need it to work. LOL
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    Putter lazzonya is on a distinguished road
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    just an update....

    i got my attack angle sensors working correctly, and this top works fine with the P3ProSwing.

    Great construction and easy to replace.

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