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    Interesting Video on fitting by TGX

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    All of their videos are top notch. The knowledge that Ian has is incredible.

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    This is how independent professional clubfitters conduct a driver fitting. Anything less and you are not being well served.

    Having said that there was a lot of pertinent information about each club that was not revealed or ignored so I am sceptical.

    I realize it's a 27 min. video and a lot of editing was done ( check the shot count later in the segment ).

    The major increase in club head speed with the other drivers does not come from the 45'' shaft ( the Ping was 44'') it comes from proper mass at the head witch promotes better swing mechanics and feel. .The Ping had a counter balanced shaft.Put a marshmallow on the end of a driver shaft and measure your head speed then put a tennis ball on the shaft and measure your head speed. Now put a 200 gr. head on the shaft and measure. Simple physics, the heavier weight will travel faster with the same swing.The opposite is true where to much weight will decrease head speed and affect direction and tempo.

    The 44'' Ping with the counter balanced shaft is the marshmellow C3
    The 44'' Ping with a more traditional balance point shaft is the tennis ball C6
    The 44'' Ping with a more traditional balance point shaft with weight adjustment is the 200 gr. driver head C9

    We don't want to go to the exact swingweight of the original club at 45.5'' ( D2 ) because C9 is plenty at 44'' and excessive swingweight/weight will dramatically affect the bend profile and playability of the shaft.

    The counterbalance shaft allows for a much longer club at a reasonable swingweight.

    Check out where Mr. Moses makes face contact (more like"as low as you can go toe") with the Ping at C3. The other drivers promote a higher on the face contact but still toeish. Now if we could get the face contact closer to the meat of the face then we are in business. Perhaps the ball is being played a little to forward in his stance ? Maybee ? His swings did improve after a while. I would have liked to see him hit the Ping again later in the session.

    I really would have liked to see results with the Ping at 44'', no counter balanced shaft, at a C8 swingweight just to justify there process.
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