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    Putter Maximus67 is on a distinguished road
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    Ottawa Golf Show at EY Centre

    Is this an annual golf show like other cities have? I've been to the Toronto golf show once, and London's a few times including last weekend (, but I've never been to one in Ottawa.

    Is anyone else going, or is this going to be worth going to? Given that it's less than a month away, I haven't even hear a whisper on the radio or newspapers or even from Ottawa Golf. The exhibitor list is pretty minimal so far.


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    Hopelessly Addicted justsomeguy is on a distinguished road
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    around here
    Yes, this is an annual golf show like other cities have. It will be smaller than the Toronto golf show (which I have also been to), but larger than the London one in your link. Emphasis on local courses of course, but lots of other resorts, US courses etc. There is always a demo area with 4-5 manufacturers there, and seminars/presentations etc. If you're an avid golfer and new to Ottawa or never been before then you should probably check it out at least once.

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    They don't usually tend to advertise until the week before , last year TSN 1200 broadcast live on the Friday and talked about it most of the week prior
    It's usually decent , you can get some discounts on prepaid golf at some courses , and the vendors have some reasonable deals .
    Given that it's snowy and cold outside , most people see this show as a glimpse of spring ahead
    At the end of the day ... It gets dark

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    We'll be running a contest later this week to give away some tickets to the show. Stay tuned!
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