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    GC2 HMT owners - sticker locations - help

    GC2 HMT owners....

    Bought the HMT and have question on sticker locations for the clubs...

    Irons mid point is supposed to be between the 6 and 7th score line per their instructions. That is above my where pattern. Either I am always catching thin and too low or their mid point is too high. Ideally I want the mid point to be where the mid point of a perfect strike is. Any recos?

    Driver Mid and Top point seem low. They are locating the physical center of the driver but for my EPIC I thought I want to hit it above the physical center for the sweet spot. Thinking of moving the stickers up more to match that. There is 1.5 cm above the top line for the epic that is left in the center of the club. Any recos?

    I called tech support and not too helpful. They said take pictures and send them in. In process but again this should be known already.


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    Itís not necessarily an exact science but if you are not between 6-7 groove your impact position on the software will be off. You can try different spots and see what you get but Iíve had good success with between 6-7 grooves.

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    I could be wrong, but I've found it doesn't really matter, it's just a matter of preference. It will measure your impact position (high or low) relative to the dots, so you just need to know if it should be zeroed out or some sort of bias. Some of my clubs have more or less distance between grooves, so 6-7 grooves isn't always the same area. My Cobra irons don't extend the bottom groove all the way across. I've found that if I put the middle dots halfway up the iron, then an ideal strike is 6-8 mm low. You can align the dots lower on the face if you want (to get an ideal strike to be 0 mm high or low) and it knows that by where it draws the line (on the iPad app at least). I prefer to leave the dots centered on the face, because my tendency is to hit too low rather than too far up the face and it helps me try and raise my strike location. Hope that helps.

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