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    Best time to buy irons at golftown?


    Iím going to be purchasing new ping i200 irons in the next few months. Iíve never seen them go down in price but I was wondering if anyone has input on the best time to buy? I know they have a trade in event coming around April, but Iím not sure how great of a deal my old clubs will get me ( 09 burner irons). Does anyone know of any other events that happen at the store?


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    In the golf industry, pricing for new golf clubs has nothing to do with the retailer. It is totally controlled by manufacturers, who utilize a loophole in the price-fixing laws in the US and Canada called MAP (minimum advertised price) to control the price of golf clubs at the retail level. Ping is known in the golf industry to be especially aggressive at maintaining the retail prices for their clubs.

    Bottom line is that the only way you will get Ping i200 irons for less is when Ping releases a new set to replace them and allows retailers to sell their old stock for less. GolfTown often has coupons where you get $10 off purchases over $50 or something similar that don't depend on what it is that you're buying, but that's about it. You can probably get good deals on club-fitting, customization and similar services when you buy a new set of irons, but the actual price of the clubs themselves won't change.

    As for trade-in events, GolfTown has them from time to time but you're unlikely to get a great deal. It is mostly for the convenience of getting rid of your old clubs without any effort on your part. In virtually every case you will get more for your clubs if you sell them privately or on Ebay.

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    They don't just give you wholesale value at the trade-in events, they often have a promotion that goes along with it. They'll add different amounts to the value of your trade in depending on what you're buying. Less for wedges and fairway woods, more for drivers and iron sets. Last year I bought a new driver and traded in an old Cleveland wedge. I got $15 for it, plus $100 bonus, plus the tax savings on $115. Was a pretty good deal for a brand new, current driver.

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    Food for thought perhaps ?
    Look for people selling GT gift cards below the amount on forums , kijiji etc
    Keep an eye out on GT website , sometimes they will have a trade in event
    Also keep an eye on some of the other golf forums in Canada and the US , you can often find near new sets with a huge discount on the retail prices from members , obviously there is a risk buying from someone you don't know , but do a bit of research ask a few questions and you can weed out the good from bad .
    Good luck , I just got a brand new set of the Ping I e series , and love them
    At the end of the day ... It gets dark

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    During trade in event last March or April I bought new M2 set they were $1299 I think after my trade in and trade in bonus. I paid around $850 for the set.

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    Thanks everyone for replying. All very useful information!

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    Also, you may want to look at Golf in Montreal. They sometimes have almost new clubs at great prices. Worth looking into

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    left or right handed are you looking for

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