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Thread: GC2 HMT owners

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    Need a Caddy TheGolfer is on a distinguished road
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    GC2 HMT owners

    Interested in getting opinions from HMT owners.

    I have the GC2 with FR1 software. Its been very helpful for training indoors. I do not use it in the simulator / game mode.

    I want club head data such as AoA, real smash factor, path, face, where I hit on the face, dynamic loft. Speaking with foresight I can get the new Quad for about 14k or add the HMT for 6k while keeping the FR1 software. The 14k price point is just too much even with trade ins. So adding the HMT while keeping the FR1 software is probably the most cost effective solution I can get both ball data and club head data for indoor use.

    If you use the HMT for training on the range can you tell me your thoughts. Some questions...

    1. What club head data do you use the most?
    2. Do you find the accuracy for the club head data to be accurate?
    3. Is it a pain to use the markers that stick to the clubs - on then off and repeat?
    4. Are there separate screens you need to access on the range or in fitting mode to get both ball data and club head data or is it combined to a single screen? Current ball data displays after your shot for a few seconds so you can see the ball data then disappears automatically for the next shot.


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    7 Iron Yongchai is on a distinguished road
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    To answer:

    1. Most used data would be impact position on club face. But i guess its also what u are trying to work on that day. Some days i'm trying to work on my severe inside-out swing, then i'll look at the path. Sometimes, i get a severe hook, then i look at club face angle to path. Sometimes i'm trying to work on steepening my impact, then i look at amgle of attack, and sometimes i hit a weird shot, then i look at everything to figure out what went wrong.

    2. Its hard to judge, because what can you compare it to? For impact position, when you hit a flush shot, it'll generally show up with impact in the middle. For the rest, your just have to believe the data to be correct. There are some instances when using an adjustable club, i have a toe down lie angle problem, but after adjusting for the lie to be more upright, i still get the same toe down angle. Its hard to say if its my swing or the accuracy of the hmt at fault. Or instances when club data is not picked up at all, but that's generally during a bad shot when impact is close to the stickers. It understandable that club data doesn't get picked up when you hit a really bad shot, but it's those really bad shots that you want to know whats going on.

    3. I don't remove the markers at all. Probably a rules infractions, but considering the markers are not cheap and difficult to get a resupply in my case, i have no problem breaking this rule. Going out once a week on the course, the markers would probably last about 6 months before needing to change.

    4. Don't know about FR1 (probably doesn't show club data, you'll probably have to hook up an ipad to get club data displayed), but for FSX, ball data comes up first then club data. The club data show screen shows some ball data and you can also adjust how long each screen stays up before disappearing automatically. On the hitting screen you can get the numerical data in a side panel which would scroll automatically between ball and club data (scrolls abit too fast in my opinion). My gripe about this is the data screen only shows up in practice mode and not simulation mode. Considering the expense of the hmt, i would like the option to have data screens show up during competition/simulation play as well, and not just during practice. Also sometimes, data screen does not automatically disappear, and you got to go up the pc and use the mouse to press the tiny 'x' button to close the screen instead of being able to use keyboard shortcuts (ie. Esc)

    My feeling on the hmt is, considering how good the gc2 is, for the hmt to cost about the same as the gc2 seems pretty expensive if you think of the hmt as an add-on. And i've also found that sometimes even when you have the data to show you whats going on, unless you know enough about your golf swing or got a pro to tell you how to fix certain problems, you'll just end up with the same swing and the same data. However, if you are working with a good pro and the price doesn't burn a hole in your wallet, i would say that the hmt is a nice addition to the gc2 and FSX (once they remove all the bugs and improve user interface).

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    Need a Caddy TheGolfer is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2011
    Thanks for the information. I ordered the HMT.

    For driver looking forward to increasing AoA even more and getting real measurements and not needing to back into it.

    For all shots I am looking forward to seeing where on the clubface where we are striking the ball on the mis. Impact tape is helpful a little but it changes the LA and spin so the shot is useless and you need to keep replacing it. Now we can see the shot and see where we hit it on the face.

    We fight the hook. Looking forward to using it to diagnose the path and the face. Also want to see if we are hitting toe hooks by seeing where on the face we hit it.

    Heard FSX software is buggy plus its expensive and the computer / video card is very expensive. I am keeping FR1 software and with upgrading to the latest software it also recognizes the head information from the HMT.

    If budget is concerned I believe the most cost efficient option to get the best accuracy for both ball and head data is the GC2 with FR1 software and the HMT.

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