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Thread: Futura 6M

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    Futura 6M

    Hey everyone, what are your opinions on the Futura series of putters? My uncle got early in the year and when my father and him would go out golfing my Dad would constantly comment on it. He said that it felt really good to use and gave him a little bit more leeway with his hands since they are getting shaky. I was thinking of getting him either a 6M or a 6M DB. Can anyone weight in with their opinions on these putters? I'm also looking for somewhere that I could possibly order them from online as the price in the pro shops around is a little out of my reach at the moment. If anyone could help me with either request I would be very grateful.

    I've been talking to some people with other Futura's to sell, but ultimately I would up finding and I was able to contact a seller on there who had a whole bag of clubs to sell and there was not only a 6M but also a 6M DB in there. I bought the 6M off him and said that I might be back after the holidays to get the other one of him. Thanks for your help gents, sure my Uncle will love his gift.
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