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    Single length irons

    I fitted/built two sets of Wishon Stirling Single length irons this past season. One of the sets included the 56* SW, all at 37"long with a lie angle of 62.5* on KBS TOUR "S" shafts, the other was 5 to PW no SW at 36 5/8th" with a lie angle of 62* on XP95 R300's..This customer opted for a more traditional wedge set up based on my recommendation.

    The feed back has been positive on the single length irons but let's make it clear from the get go, they are not for everyone but should at least be considered as an option.

    As a fitter I am not a fan of wedges being the same length as irons but i must keep an open mind an provide what is best for the customer

    Single length Fairway woods are on the horizon and I am big fan of this from a fitting perspective.

    I would welcome any comments from others who have tried or are playing single length irons so I could add the input to my database.

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    Lots of threads on other golf forums. I can provide links if you'd like. Anyway one guy has purchased a set of 3 to 7 in single length.
    I think he is on to something :
    As you know most higher cappers struggle with long irons so imho there is no need to have the shorter irons longer than they actually are unless the golfer has back issues or wants to keep the same posture, same flex and MOI across the set.

    I have my 9 iron and wedges at the same length(36 inches) and I hit them rather well so I do not see the need for them to be longer than
    what they are just for the sake of playing a SL set.
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    It really all boils down to the fitting. What ever works best should go in the bag.

    The LH Stirling's were available last June so I finally got to tinker with a 6i. Personally I would go with 5, 6, 7, and 8 at 37.25" in the SL with the 9i at 36.25" PW 36" using conventional heads and the wedges remain as is. I depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Having said that I will not be putting the SL irons in my bag. The reason is that the head design on the Stirling's have mid range offset with the target market being the Mid to High handicaper. I just don't like that look at address. On the other hand the EDEL head is visually more appealing, has less offset, has a forged body so these are for the more accomplished golfer.

    Different ideas from different companies and then there's the OEM versions as well.

    I see a lot of good in this from a real custom fitting perspective but I think it's popularity will decrease eventually.

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    Lot of discussions about SL irons on the Golf Buzz site (formerly FGI). Here is one thread about the Stirling irons but there are many others about other sets as well elsewhere on the site.

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    I've had a lot of success with Sterling Pinhawks and I-Win SL irons, Pinhawk Hybrids and Pinhawk Fairway woods.
    I keep all in stock including Sterling and Pinhawk L/H irons.

    I've personally not played the I-Win, but the performance of the Sterling and Pinhawks are pretty much the same. Sterlings being Cast Carbon steel are a little softer than the Cast Stainless Pinhawks, both both play very well.

    IMHO SL are for any golfer with an open mind and not afraid to change. One length, one setup, and one swing. Like anything else finesse or creative shots take a little practice.

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