So, I have been playing a set of Titleist DCI962 irons since about 2002, bought used, I believe they are mid to late 90's. They are in good condition, but never been reshafted (only regripped). Only real issue is the grooves are flattening in spots and of course they flat out look old. Also, I feel I get more distance out of newer clubs after hitting my dads Mizunos he bought in 2015. I see total restoration packages in the $70-$80 range per club (stripping and refinishing, lie and loft adjustments, new shaft and grip, regroove). Will this restore new playability into my irons? I am about a 15HCP (which is good enough for me at this point in my life) and I know these irons new are/were as good as most irons made today. Opinions on whether I should shop for new irons to improve distance and quality or spend the $$ on full restoration?