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    Question Swing Analyzers, Where are we now?

    I would like to get a swing analyzer so that I am more aware of what happens when I hit a great/bad shot.

    Has anyone had experience with the more recent models?
    I am interested in swing path and face angle/dynamic loft.

    The internet has lots of reviews, but I can't really tell what is generated by real people and what is hype/bull from shills for the various companies.
    The Zep has some positives, but I don't see how you get face angle (open/closed) with something that attaches to your golf glove.
    The Blast looks promising but it doesn't seem to have any current reviews.
    Golf Town has the Garmin Tru Swing, for a good price but it doesn't seem to get great reviews.

    Anyway has anyone used any of the analyzers and are they useful for swing improvement.

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    the following old review is accurate based on my experience.


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