Hello, I just discovered this forum. I am in the midst of building a new home in the Toronto area, and hoping to put a golf simulator in the basement. Things are not finalized yet, but I should have 10 foot ceilings, and lots of width and depth. My golf club just installed two HD Golf simulators, and I was pretty excited about it, but when my son and I tried it out, the yardages seemed way off. We are very different golfers - he hits his 8 iron about 160, I hit mine about 130. The yardages seemed about 20% low for both of us. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure if it is an issue with the simulators or if we are swinging different indoors. My son is a 6 handicap, so he should know if he thinks he has hit the ball solidly. I see a lot of comments regarding GC2 on this forum. Somebody recommended this to me a while ago. Is there anywhere in Toronto where we could try this out? Thanks.