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    Hello, I just discovered this forum. I am in the midst of building a new home in the Toronto area, and hoping to put a golf simulator in the basement. Things are not finalized yet, but I should have 10 foot ceilings, and lots of width and depth. My golf club just installed two HD Golf simulators, and I was pretty excited about it, but when my son and I tried it out, the yardages seemed way off. We are very different golfers - he hits his 8 iron about 160, I hit mine about 130. The yardages seemed about 20% low for both of us. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure if it is an issue with the simulators or if we are swinging different indoors. My son is a 6 handicap, so he should know if he thinks he has hit the ball solidly. I see a lot of comments regarding GC2 on this forum. Somebody recommended this to me a while ago. Is there anywhere in Toronto where we could try this out? Thanks.

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    You can try out a GC2 at any golf town. I find HD long. I know it can be adjusted.

    I live at Ford Dr and QEW if you want to see a GC2 with TGC.

    What club added HD?

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    Remember GC2 assumes you are at sea level. If you are well above sea level then the distances will appear short on the launch monitor. Vice versa. The quad auto detects your sea level so that is fixed in that model. How far above sea level are you?

    In the settings there is a feature for auto boost. You can play with that until you get your carry back assuming its a consistent amount.

    You can search other posts for other adjustments. You need to make sure the gc2 is even with the hitting area or slightly above. If below it will report short.

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