Custom Made Clubs Will Add Up To More Consistent Ball Striking
by Les McBride Clubs "R" Us

Golf is addictive, golf is a microcosm of life: if you're happy with your golf game, well you're happy in life. Words cannot describe the feeling of hitting a golf ball "right on the money", as the saying goes. That's what custom fitting and custom made clubs are all about, "More consistent ball striking"

Will a $200 pair of running shoes make you run faster than a $100 pair? Not likely. The same applies for golf clubs. Will a pair of running shoes that fit you properly perform better than a pair that doesn't? Absolutely. Again, the same applies to golf clubs. 85% of all golfers play with shafts that are too stiff. Unless you have unlimited time to work on your golfing, you are pretty much stuck with the swing speed you have, and are unlikely to achieve the higher swing speeds that stiff shafts are designed for. So it makes sense to get fitted properly.

Your buddy is just smashing his 5 iron and you're not smashing yours. You ask to try his and you can't hit his either. He tries yours and doesn't care for it.

The moral of this story is: Would you buy a suit off the rack and walk out of the store wearing it?

Clubs, like suits, need to be fitted. Buy a set of clubs off the rack, and you can expect the results to be mediocre at best.

Don't pay original equipment manufacturers prices, when you don't have to. Patents on the major manufacturer's equipment apply mostly to the cosmetics of the club heads. The majority of club heads used in golf today including Taylor Made, Cobra, Callaway all come from the same steel casting factories in Asia. The big name products come with equally big prices, but that does not necessarily translate into better performance. Having a lower priced set of properly fitting clubs can improve your consistency to such a degree, that having it be a name brand suddenly seems much less important.

To be understood - A knock off is a product in direct violation of the issued patent. Such as a name that sounds the same, the lettering style used is identical but a different name. Rarely is it an actual design of the club head receiving the patent. It is the performance of the head and shaft that truly makes the club.

A custom clubmaker is able to fit, through a comprehensive fitting session at the driving range, and assemble clubs from a wide selection of components, so your clubs can have the look and feel you like. Low overhead results in lower prices when compared to retail.

Your golf swing is like a DNA molecule, it is yours alone. The only way to hit a golf ball consistently is to match your clubs to your athletic ability. Match your clubs to your swing, not your swing to your clubs, and you will shoot lower scores.