Hi guys,

I'm new here and have been lurking, reading and absorbing all the info I can. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new simulator for the house. Everytime I think I have my mind made up I come across something new that sways my opinion. I went from looking at the optishot to the p3proswing then noticed on here the positive reviews of the Pro Tee. Then came across the Tru Golf which I had settled on because it seems like a contained unit (for lack of better wording) and a portable option. I saw a couple guys on here had bought one only to end up getting rid of it. So i changed my mind back to the Pro Tee. I'm working with a small space and not really excited about setting up cameras. I'm a technician by trade so i'm not worried about the technical aspect. I also noticed the GSA products. Then I started wondering again if maybe I should just get the Optishot or P3 to see if the novelty of a sim wears off. It would be easier to swallow 2,000 (for entire setup) versuses 7,000.
I've also wondered if it would just be easier to join the country club.
I work nights and would love to play a round or two at 3 am.
I'm sure most of you guys have been through this what are your recommendations for a newbie (not new to golf but new to the sim world)?
Sorry for the long and rambling post.