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    P3ProSwing Software for serial unit and security dongle

    Hi at all,

    Ive bought an P3ProSwing with serial unit and wanted to update the software. But the older units are not longer supported by the manufacturer. So maybe anyone her can send me a downloadlink to the latest version working with the serial unit including the all in one-installer? Would be great.

    Id also like to know if anyone knows for what do I need the security dongle? With the old software versions 4 and 6 I could start the driving range, practice game and green, gameplay and the different contests lieke longest drive and closest to the pin without the dongle? So when do I need the security dongle?

    Thanks for any help.



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    You will not need the security dongle with the new or the newer version of the old software. I don't recall the last update that worked with the serial units. I don't think I have it, although 7.21 comes to mind.

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    Putter Sinner75 is on a distinguished road
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    HI Stonebattle,

    thanks for your answer. I could find a version history and youre right. 7.21 should be the last version working with serial units. So would be great if anyone could give me a hint where to find a version between 7.0 and 7.21.

    Its really a pity that the older versions will not be offered at the manufacturers site.

    Ive found the software and it works fine with the serial unit. Thanks. ;-)
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