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    GC2 with TGC Software Complete Simulator for Sale

    We have decided to sell our home simulator. We bought this system 2 winters ago and hardly used last winter so we have decided to sell it.

    Included in the package is :

    GC2 with Bluetooth - New battery, New charger with long cable, New this winter SuperFlash with around 500 flashes on it. These flashes last 3 times as long as the original flashes and cost 800$. Comes with protective case as well.

    MSI Gaming Computer with all the bells and whistles. Has TGC Installed on it as well as all of the Foresight software. Paid 3200$ for this computer and it has only been used for the simulator.

    BenQ HD Projector with mount and long HDMI cable. This is for close setups and is a step up from the popular 1080HD.

    10x10 Custom ordered Impact Screen. This Screen is designed to show full HD Video on the screen. It is designed to take 250MPH ball speed. Has complete surround supports with rings for bungees to ensure it never rips. Paid 850$ Canadian for this screen and it is incredible with movies as well.

    Country Club Elite custom sized Mat. You can put your tees in this mat and it has a pad on the bottom to make it feel exactly like a fairway. We have maybe played 4 rounds on this mat it is mint. Paid 600$.

    We have all of the wood from our garage simulator that we can include as well.

    This is great for fun or even using the GC2 in the summer outdoors. As many know the GC2 is the most accurate indoor launch monitor for those looking for accurate results indoors. It is even better outdoors.

    We are looking to get 13,000$ obo. We have 18,000$ - $20,000 invested. Our loss is your gain.
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    Id love to know if any of this is still available???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebminor View Post
    I’d love to know if any of this is still available???
    If you do find a GC2 or other launch monitor. I would Suggest JNPG and OGT for sim software. Great online tour with great multiplayer matches everynight can always find someone to play with online. Search JNPG on youtube and you will find videos posted of other using it.

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    It was sold last year fyi

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