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    Found Golf Balls - Recycled and Refinished Balls

    Anyone have experience with Found Golf Balls ( Looks like a Canadian company.

    They grade "Mint (Factory) Refinished" higher than "AAAAA (Mint or 1st Quality) Recycled" - yet the "Mint Refinished" price is lower than the "AAAAA Recycled" (see for 2016 ProV1's:

    Just wondering if anyone on forum has bought from these guys and are the balls any good. Thanks.

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    The later have been touched up, my experience is once you hit a refinished spot it shows, go with AAAAA
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    I don't know about this company, but I have ordered from and have had good experiences.

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    I thought I read somewhere that "refinished" golf balls might not even be the same ball! So you could be buying a refinished/rebadged Chrome Soft that is actually a Hex Control (or a Kroflite?!). Not sure if that was reliable info, but I only buy AAAA Recycled or higher balls from GolfBallPlanet Canada where I recently got 100 AAAA Chrome Soft balls for $120 and free shipping. They look brand new...

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