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    What's the best software to use with Gc2 ?

    Wondering what the best software to use , I have perfect golf and seems to work good but wondering if there is something better out now? More accurate?

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    That is a very good question. One I am asking myself.
    There are a few videos on youtube that help with the analysis. Just type in JNPG vs TGC.

    Both look great, although I think JNPG is a bit more user friendly. JNPG has multiple tees and ability to find distance to other places besides the pin.

    TGC has the advantage of more courses, although I am not sure there are more highest quality courses. Both seem to have great ball flight algorithms. I think TGC2 will come out soon and it my have many of the features that make JNPG better in some ways.

    I am still trying to understand the differences. Searches help, although there have been many upgrades so I think much info is obsolete.

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    You can use E6, ProTee, TGC, FSX. All are very accurate. One may suit your eye more than the others. Each software is unique so it's hard to pick. Both JNPG and TGC are good options because of quality and price. TGC has a rediculous amount of amazing courses and great graphics. JNPG has great features designed for the simulator world. There's no wrong answer. I'd focus on JNPG or TGC or both.

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