Hey Guys, trying to see if I understand how to interpret what is happening between the club face and the swing path based on the numbers I am seeing on the screen of my Skytrac unit. This is only relative to side spin and side angle.
Assuming I have 5 degrees of side angle and 1500 rpms of counter clock side spin could I assume (all things being equal) that my face was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 degrees open to the target (I understand the general 85% rule which dictates the starting direction) and that my swing path would have been MORE than 5 degrees to the right to get the counter clock side spin. The ball flight path starts right and curves back left.

This would indicate a IN TO OUT swing path of MORE than 5 degrees (the amount shown as side angle)

If I am correct then I understand how to interpret the numbers, if not can someone that ACTUALLY knows please enlighten me and perhaps others.