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    Launch angle issues with Skytrak

    Hello I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I would make a question.
    I tried asking without great success in other place.
    So I apologise if this has already been asked.
    I am a owner of a Skytrak unit and believe it's a great and affordable product.
    My issue is however when I use woods and long irons: the launch angle is too low (3 degrees for the driver, 7 degrees for the 3 wood, 12 for the 4 iron, etc.).
    This fact clearly affects the ball flight dynamics and the result is displaying very short and inconsistent shots. I am sure this is not my game as I tried the unit at the range and my shots were quite high.
    Can you give me any suggestions/advise to fix it?
    Does anyone has the same problem?
    As this happens on the Skytrak range (I am not using any simulator software yet) do you think using a simulator software may solve the problem?
    Thanks in advance and happy golfing.

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    I had a Skytrak and had a similar issue, although I think not as extreme. I also think it is a good unit.

    There is a manual method to determine launch angle. It requires one measure the distance to the screen and measure the ball impact height. Then divide the impact height by the distance to the screen and find the angle who's tangent is that number. That will give one the launch angle for that particular club. Ball speed, ball spin and gravity will impact results, although not much for close distances. Of course the farther one is away from the screen and the slower the ball speed the lower the accuracy.

    I use a high speed camera at 240 fps positioned behind the golfer to observe the ball impact. Make sure to subtract the height of the center of the ball on the tee from the ball impact height for accurate results. Also, placing strips of tape at various heights on the screen also helps with accuracy.

    I finally went back to my P3proswing and sent the Skytrak back.

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