Hi all

I have always been keen on having a home studio for the winter months here in Scoland. I live nowhere near a driving range and I'm sure having the ability to hit balls over the winter would help my game.

Using half of my garage gives me a hitting space of 21 feet long x 9.5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Fortunately my good friend is a builder, and he has modified the joists in the garage so I now have plenty height to swing.

I have some AstroTurf material for the floor, and a good hitting mat. I have mounted my Dad's old projector, and in around a years time I will be offered a flightscope x2 from a friend when he upgrades his teaching system.

Before then, I would like to get the setup in place.

My query is about the impact screen. I will probably only be using the flightscope driving range mode, certainly at first anyway, so the quality of the projected image is not a priority. I have set up an old curtain as a test; it is hanging on the joist about 8 inches in front of the back wall. I plan on buying archery impact material with brass eyelets, would it be best using bungee cord to hang it from the top, then put some wood or tubing down the sides to fix it quite taught? How taught should it be? Would an old bed duvet behind the screen help with impact? I could move it to the joist infront so there is about 2 feet from screen to wall but this would shorten the distance from ball to screen and the flightscope works better with a greater ball to screen distance.

Any advice and pointers would be appreciated