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    P3proswing iron distance

    Hi guys
    So I've picked up a p3pro and the iron shots seem to be not the best as far as distance control. I tape the irons , and I've played with the smash factor and launch angle. And it seems to be better. My question I guess what other tips on which controls I should be adjusting and not adjusting...I have a grass top on top of the black infrared pad. Also which sensors in the edit clubs need to unchecked. Thanks a lot for any input

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    3 Wood Stonebattle is on a distinguished road
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    I might suggest you first make sure the reflective tape is parallel with the club's grooves and in the center of the groove width.
    Put impact tape on your clubs and make sure the ball is striking where the software shows. If it is not, see above and adjust the tee height for the club tested until it is the same.

    In the software club edit, smash factor and launch are two of the most important parameters. You may want to look up tour averages to get an idea where best to adjust these. If you know your real world launch angles and distances, this will come together fast.

    For best and in my opinion the most realistic results:
    I do not have calculate smash factors checked
    I have sweet spot penalties checked
    Assume sensor impact are all unchecked

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    I too am new to P3 and I'm seeing around 15-20 yards less distance on my irons, though I had calculate smash factor checked as well. Now that I have unchecked calculate smash factor, how much should I increase it by in your opinion?

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    3 Wood Stonebattle is on a distinguished road
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    I find the default setup in P3pro reasonable, but with swing analyzers like the P3pro, there is no substitute for knowing ones real world numbers. I might suggest going to a range on a warm day with no wind. You will likely need a laser range finder, because you can't count on the range marker distances at the range.
    Warm up and hit 7 shots stating with a wedge and hit at least every other iron and metal and end with the driver. For example hit wedge, 8 iron, 6 iron and so forth. Record carry distance. For the irons you don't hit, just split the distance difference. Throw out the high and the low and use those numbers to set up the software.

    If interested and if you have an impact screen and a high speed camera, there are ways to calculate launch angle, launch direction and ball speed. Those numbers can then be used to setup the software.

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