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    Upgraded turf top homemade solution for optishot

    Here is a little back ground
    I purchased an optishot 2 years ago.
    At the same time I built myself a stance platform with 2" insulation board.
    For the stance and hitting area I bought a monster turf 1 3/8" 48x60
    from all turf mats.
    I made cutouts for the 2 rows of sensors in the turf and glued some Velcro strips on the underside to secure it to the optishot.
    It worked well for a while but eventually ripped in front of the front row of sensors.
    Then I got an aftermarket turf from jagmanjoe and it is obviously the best option on the market.
    Price a litttle high for us Canadians these days though ..
    Since then I have bought an optishot and projector to built a garage sim like mine for my parents and needed to upgrade the stock turf asap for them to enjoy it..
    Thing is , jagmanjoe is out of stock and has not been molding for a while now. Im sure he will tell you why if you contact him.
    So for a temporary solution that I could make on my own and still be better then the stock turf here is what I did :
    Please note that this is only until I get my hands on joe's product because it is outstanding ,but still I figured with winter rapidly approaching and the optishot community growing, there might be people in the same situation.

    I took a 2'x2' foam puzzle piece
    Cut a rectangle same length and width (inside the side lips)has the optishot.

    Made the cutouts for the sensors.

    Then took a piece of wood and planned it at an angle to level the beveled front of the optishot.

    Glued Velcro on both side of the wood shim, as well has both sides of the foam piece.
    The Velcro that I use is actually to strong for the strength of its glue so I use PL premium construction adhesive and that works well.

    Then I just need to Velcro the shim to the optishot , lay the foam on top of both and Velcro the stock turf on top of it all and it makes it
    1- a level hitting surface
    2- a lot softer on the wrist hitting down on your shots
    3- protect the optishot itself

    And pretty much for zero $

    Now it is far from perfect but imo better then the stock option.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    Putter ArseneGolf is on a distinguished road
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    To all interested in JAGMANJOE TURFS-

    I am pleased to announce that Joe has taught me his exact methods to produce and continue the legacy of the Turfs he started. You can visit my website at for all information. All US sales will be through the website and international sales through eBay found by searching for JAGMANJOE or Arsene Golf. If you have any questions please email me

    Thank you to all those that have been patient during this transition.


    Steve Christman, Owner
    Arsene Golf, LLC

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    Putter RodG is on a distinguished road
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    I had Joe's turf on my optishot and damaged it. I now have Steve's turf and it is the same quality that Joe's turfs were. Worth the money.

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