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    AboutGolf Install

    Recently bought a used Aboutgolf Simulator from a local virtual sport business that closed. It was complete and in working condition when I bought it.( I tested it out before we dissembled) Got it all down and transported to my house. Aboutgolf will not allow me to hire them for install unless I were to upgrade to all the newest equipment for around 15k. (Which I plan to at some point in a couple years). I was wondering if anyone on here or if anyone knows anybody or any company that would be willing to give me a quote/rough estimate to install the system for me. Just have a lot of different things going on this winter and do not want to or will have the time to complete myself. This would be in West/Central PA Near Altoona, Johnstown Area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Everyone!

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    Not sure. There must be a local general simulator place or GolfStore. Perhaps they would be able to help or know someone that can help.

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