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    Skytrak + Protective case + GIP + Extended warranty + TGC + Computer setup for sale

    For sale:
    1) Skytrak + Protective case - purchased in February 2016 barely used
    2) Game improvement package fully transferable - expires February 16 2017
    3) Extended warranty fully transferable - expires February 16 2017
    4) The Golf club simulator (full ownership) fully transferable - purchased 2 days ago and just installed fresh on PC
    5) Very high end gaming PC - able to run TGC or anything on max settings.
    Computer Specs (Just build 2 months ago) - Cost over $1500 to build
    Processor - Intel i5 4970k Quad core processor 3.4ghz - Liquid cooled Graphics card - MSI GTX 980ti 6gb DDR5 (top of the line will handle anything on max settings)
    16Gb DDR3 Ram
    1 120Gb Solid State Hard drive running Windows 10 64bit & TGC (Load immediately)
    1 250Gb Solid State Hard drive for extra SSD storage
    1 1Tb Hard drive for larger storage needs
    Dual band wifi card

    Skytrak + Protective Case + GIP + Extended warranty cost me - $2300
    The Golf club game and skytrak integration cost me - $1000
    Computer cost me $1700+ to build
    cost me $5000: Great value looking for $3500. Everything is brand new barely used and ready to plug in and play.

    I will handle all of the transfers to your name and licensing so it will be ready to go.

    Can also text me at 248-520-0456 or ali7098@gmail.com if interested I Can send pics. Will separate parts if interested.
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