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    Brainstorm on Dirty impact screen

    My impact screen has black ball / scuff marks all over it. They look more like rubber scuffs. I tried washing with soap and mr clean magic eraser. Didn't do a thing. Now I am looking for ideas to solve my problem that don't include getting a new impact screen because it is built into the netting and would have to take the entire cage apart.

    Option 1: find some way to remove these marks. Ideas?
    Option 2: flip the screen over. (but the marks shine through to the other side when I look at the back). also would be alot of work.
    Option 3: Place another less expensive material and hang it in front of the impact screen. Any material recommendations? I am guessing a bed sheet would just show through.
    Option 4: Paint / dye the impact screen. (has anyone tried this successfully? my concern would be the balls tearing / pealing the paint off of the screen).
    Option 5: Any other ideas?

    My impact screen is the P3proswing large hitting center. I called them and they said it was a kevlar type polyester material. I use a skytrak so would like to continue to use real balls.

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    Sand Wedge jackbeau is on a distinguished road
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    I also have P3Proswing impact screen. Can't wash them black scuff marks. So i camouflage them with paint. Very small paint brush and rough the paint in very lightly to cover most of the black marks.

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