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    Fear of hitting the Optishot sensors

    First, a little background...New to golf, been mostly a range rat for the past few months. I hit about 50 balls a day either at the range, or foam balls with a 9-iron in my backyard, so I am improving.

    I'm setting up the Optishot simulator in my large shed, and while it's not completed, I have the computer and Optishot setup enough to try it. My problem is that I'm afraid to take "real" swings because I'm in fear of taking out the sensors.

    Anyone have this fear? Anyone destroyed the sensors? Do you always use a tee when playing Optishot?

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    Well, anything can be broken. I've had the Optishot for years, and have whacked it often, not breaking it. A friend actually hit it so hard that the club head broke off and went through the screen. It still worked fine. The usb connection does come loose sometimes, but it just plugs back in. If you're consistently whacking it, try a set up where you hold the club head about an inch above the surface and learn to hit that way. You will take less divots on the fairway also.
    In the worst case, if you do break it, the Optishot people will probably be sympathetic.
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